Springtime is almost here!

Even though we’ve had a long, frosty winter, we’re excited for the Geffrye Gardens to re-open! In fact, we think that escaping into the Geffrye’s period gardens would be the best way to welcome in this new season. The gardens will be open this 30th of March! Even though our plants are just starting to blossom, here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect the garden to look like as spring turns into summer:


20th Century period garden with wisteria in full bloom

As far as out project goes, we’ve also got lots of great activities planned. Keep looking to this blog for updates and reminders of what will be going on at the Geffrye gardens. Our learning team has been working hard to come up with creative and fun ideas for the opening weeks.

The first date to keep in mind is April 11th! Catalina and Jue, our learning team, been testing out lots of ideas, including “Garden on a plate” where children will be able to create their own happy gardens on a plate to take home! Below is a picture of Jue’s ideal garden.

We hope you get to go out and enjoy the gardens!

For more on what’s going on at the Geffrye, check out the Geffrye Young People’s Facebook and Twitter pages: