Fun time at our family events!

Last week we had a great time at our family events! The three activities were really successful: many children and families attended (all the afternoon sessions were full) and they all had fun and enjoyed the activities!

See the pictures below for their creative and imaginative works!


The first activity was Garden on a Plate, for kids ages 5 and over, where the children created their own mini happy and healthy gardens on plates.

We inspired kids by providing them with some interesting garden pictures:


We let them explored how gardens can be designed in very different ways and also how they can be places for feeling happy and having fun!


One of our event planners, Catalina, said:

“Kids were very creative and imaginative! In this activity some of them made a garden with a tree house, and many with ponds, flowers, trees, paths, ducks, birds and squirrels, and also a secret house for bugs!”



The second activity was Post a Plant, designed for children aged 5 – 8 years, who were detectives for the day, went exploring through the herb garden and created plant postcards!


We helped them mail out their postcards so they could send their work back home.



The third activity was Mini Hanging Gardens, designed for ages 8 and over, where kids planted their own edible gardens by using recycled containers. Now they can watch their herbs grow at home!


They found it interesting to learn about planting gardens and how they can use the herbs in everyday life!


Did you join our family events on April 11th? If you missed them, come join our events in May, we have a family event, Lotion and Potion, and an adult event, Making Historic Remedies! Let’s explore the garden in the spring through our interesting and fun events!


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