Curious about how this all comes together?


The collaboration between the Geffrye and the UCL Institute of Archaeology has given us students a great opportunity to get hands on experience on how an exhibition comes together. Hint: a lot of hard work! 🙂

How does it happen?

Our group is comprised of several mini-teams. They are: The operations team, communications team, learning resources team, and the content team. We meet regularly within our sub-teams, all together, and with Geffrye staff.

We’ve had classes on how to best communicate with our audience with museum professionals at the Institute of Archaeology and elsewhere, such as at the Geffrye and at the British Museum. Tons of meetings!



Below we have some pictures from our last panel meeting at the Geffrye. Last Friday we got together for the third time with museum staff to present our progress and goals. This last meeting was really exciting, because we’re so close to the opening of the gardens (April 1st)!

Presenting our work at the Geffrye

Presenting our work at the Geffrye

After the meeting

Theano and Ian

Theano and Ian

Hope you liked this peek behind-the scenes! Anything you’re itching to hear more about?


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